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Women and Fiction

Signet Classic Edition

he original Women & Fiction, a “superb collection of 25 short stories by and about great women writers” (Los Angeles Herald),  published in 1975, has stayed in print ever since, popular among general readers, academics and taught in many courses, as a “marvelous introduction to prominent women authors” (Chicago Sun-Times); “of sociological and literary value, a significant collection.” – Publishers Weekly.

In the words of one professor, “ I have been looking for a good women’s literature anthology for several years, and this is the first one I have considered worth ordering for my class. The selections are intelligent, giving true regard to the woman as artist . . . . It avoids the over-anthologized, the easy and obvious selections that so many more expensive anthologies have settled for. Please convey my appreciation to the editor.” -Professor Charlotte Mendez,

English Department,

SUNY, Oneonta, New York

“I read this book for a literature course that included women writers of the past 100 years. I have not forgotten these writers or this book. It is a “handbook” to carry with you to read and read again. The women writers may have been born long ago or in the 20th Century. Their short stories are all valid today. I love this book. I handle it with care. Kate Chopin, Alice Walker, Virginia Woolf,and more. I never knew how a short story could affect me. Cahill has put together a great collection of women writers.” – Customer review

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