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Wise Women

Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing by Women

Spiritual experience has always been a liberating source of women’s identity and their resistance to oppression.  These selections feature centuries of this tradition’s most intuitive writing, offering the voices of women ranging from Sappho to Joan of Arc to Pema Chodron. This deeply moving collection of memoirs, stories, poetry, letters, prayers and theologies is a source of empowering insight for women in any time, at any age.

“Every collection by Susan Cahill has been outstanding in its quality, compass, and originality. . . . I feel it an honor to appear in this one.” -Tillie Olsen

“Rigorous, intelligent, radically thought-provoking, and, yes, inspiring. It is a resource to be read initially from cover to cover for the strength of spirit and celebration its accumulated voices inspire, and it is a book to return to frequently when one is troubled by the question of how to renew one’s faith and how to bring that renewal into engagement with the world beyond one’s self.” -The Bloomsbury Review

“A source of great spiritual enrichment.”-America

“….a very satisfying anthology, illuminating and useful, that can be enjoyed just for the power of its insights into spirituality or can serve as the basis for historical study of women and religion as well as a valuable resource for writers concerned with religious themes.” -Publisher’s Weekly

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